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Four installations: "Immigration", "Fabrication of Blindness", "Dirty Cookies," and a collaborative work with Gayle Wells Mandle called "Study for a Monument." The most recent installation below expresses my experience of moving abroad. A time of metamorphosis and new opportunity but also of deep insecurity. Exhibited at the Newport Art Museum where ventilators were placed to blow the delicate pattern papers gently with the wind. The raw clay dried and cracked and changed during the month long exhibition called "Of Water and Bone." The installation "Fabrication of Blindness" was created with deep concern for the hundreds of detainees held for years without representation in Guantanamo Bay. The third installation was creative a representation of a performed gathering of people to explore urban soil and toxic remediation. I embroidered napkins to reflect the amount of lead poisoning discovered by the participants in their neighbourhoods. 

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